maandag 13 januari 2014

Shopping | Dr. Martens!

So today i bought my second pair of Docs! I'm really happy i got them and the price was also pretty good! They were in the sale for €99, first they were €145. I saved some money on that!
I was looking for some new Dr. Martens for a while so this deal came perfectly :)

See more pictures and information!

 So i got the Pascal boot, as they call them. In this really pretty oxblood/burgandy red colour! It's such a lovely colour for the winter months.

They're still kind of stiff and i need to walk them in. Probably going to give me some blisters haha.. (totally worth it of course!)

And there are coming outfits online with these lovelys for sure!

Really like the shoe box, so cute! :)

A link if you want to order them online:

Do you own a pair of Docs?

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